Everything about purple guinea fowl

Excellent birds These birds ended up healthful and content upon arrival. We experienced them penned right until three months of age and launched 50 percent the flock outside the house the pens.

A lot of people get pleasure from raising guineas as a result of worth they include in with the ability to take away pests like ticks, snakes, and various creatures within the backyard.

Guinea is regarding the size of a massive rooster and when fully produced will weigh all-around 4lb. The top and neck region is subjected to pores and skin, which helps with directing temperature. The shading with the pores and skin is a mixture of blue, red and darkish tints, giving it a to some degree clownish physical appearance.

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Just after several semi-productive and semi-unsuccessful tries at raising guinea fowl, it became crystal clear you can elevate guinea fowl with reasonable achievement – however , you received’t have the capacity to tame them.


Guinea hens are communal levels, with all hens laying in one nest until eventually there are actually dozens of eggs. Additionally they are likely to brood communally, And that's why they pile eggs – they may acquire turns sitting over the nest the moment it’s time to brood.

You might discover guinea eggs just about anywhere with your assets, together with within the forest, within the extensive grass or hay, and even underneath buildings.

Guinea fowl variety near bonds with each other. Hens are protecting of their babies and will lead their offspring anywhere they should go.

They are really Also far more joyful than selected hens to depart the house two periods on a daily basis for feed and drinking water and so on. A few hens needs to be lifted off the home or they'd pass on nonetheless this under no circumstances appears to manifest with guineas.

Should you have nearby neighbors or just don’t want to listen to their consistent chattering day and night, these may not be the birds for you.

The brooder should also be lined using an absorbent, tender purple guinea fowl litter. Big flake wood shavings are a safe brooder litter for guinea fowl. Provided that the brooder will not be overcrowded, the litter must only need to be transformed the moment weekly or every other week.

They're able to begin as proper promptly as twenty weeks old. It is unbelievable that a winged creature will begin to lay during the year it was introduced up in.

For every following day, let one particular guinea out at any given time. This method can help educate the flock to stay in close proximity to their coop as well as their new home.  

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